Jesper Rönndahl and Martin Høgsted in the first Danish-Swedish action comedy ever

5 March 2024

Copyright: Photo credit: Lukas Backland

This week the filming of the first ever Danish-Swedish action comedy series starts. The acclaimed comedians Jesper Rönndahl and Martin Høgsted has created and written the series and also play the leading roles as two border police officers who land in the middle of a dangerous mission in the criminal world. Martin Høgsted is also the director. The series is expected to premiere on SVT in spring 2025 followed by a release on TV2 in Denmark. SF Studios produces the series with producer Niklas Larsson in co-production with SVT.

In the series, we meet the odd border police officers Rasmus and Johan, who are sent to secure the border between Denmark and Sweden, with the specific mission of preventing Swedish tourists from bringing too much liquor on the ferry. Rasmus, who is afraid of conflict, enjoys the quiet and calm assignment. While his Swedish counterpart, the conflict-seeking Johan, considers himself meant for something much greater. When Rasmus one day accidentally lets a gun-armed man on board, whom he is then forced to chase, Johan's and Rasmus' paths cross. It will be the start of an action-packed mission and an unexpected friendship.

Behind the series are the popular and award-winning comedians Jesper Rönndahl (Dips, Melodifestivalen) and Martin Høgsted (Danish Dynamite, Lykkelige sønder), who both have family connections in Sweden and Denmark and therefore have a unique understanding of the different nuances in the countries' humor. The cast also includes, among others, Klara Zimmergren and Madelene Martin.

”As a half-Danish, it has always bothered me that Swedes and Danes don't understand each other, and this series started a bit like an integration project - at least for me! But then it has evolved from just being the comedy version of The Bridge to being Snabba Cash meets Beverly Hills Cop. And I get to do a lot of stunts!”, says Jesper Rönndahl.

“There is nothing that unites people like laughter, yet there has never before been a comedy series where Swedes and Danes can laugh together. Not until now. We will laugh at those little details that separate us. It is surprising how similar Swedes and Danes really are. The series is not only a bromance between Johan and Rasmus, but also a bromance between our neighboring countries”, says Martin Høgsted.

”It is a privilege for SVT to be able to present a Danish-Swedish comedy series with two highly celebrated and respected comedians in Sweden and Denmark respectively. The audience can look forward to a multi-layered humorous gem with tension, cultural clashes, tough cops and lots of laughs”, says Mats Grimberg, genre manager at SVT Humor.

“It is a bit of a dream for us to produce a Danish-Swedish comedy series, and to do it together with Martin and Jesper is fantastic”, Niklas Larsson, producer at SF Studios.

The series is produced by SF Studios with producer Niklas Larsson in coproduction with SVT and will have its premiere on SVT in spring 2025 followed by a release at TV2 in Danmark.

For more information, please contact:
Niklas Larsson, Producer, SF Studios,, +46 70 532 67 91
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Sindre Lind-Åkerblom, Press contact, SVT,, +46 72 144 59 56

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