SF Studios’ productions announced for Netflix - Presentation of A Part of You

18 March 2024

On Monday, Netflix presented four SF Studios productions at their "Next on Netflix" event, highlighting the streamer’s upcoming Nordic lineup. Little Siberia, Je M’Appelle Agneta and Maybe Baby 2 were announced, along with a presentation of A Part of You.

Netflix showcased four stellar productions from SF Studios during their "Next on Netflix" event, spanning Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Among these titles were the Finnish film Little Siberia, directed by the internationally renowned Dome Karukoski and adapted from the novel by Antti Tuomainen; the Swedish comedy Je M’Appelle Agneta, based on Emma Hamberg’s novel of the same name; and the Danish comedy Maybe Baby 2, a sequel to the successful SF Studios production Maybe Baby (2023) and directed by Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg. In addition to the exciting unveilings, Netflix also presented our upcoming film A Part of You.

SF Studios has a close collaboration with Netflix with previous productions already launched at the platform such as Danish drama Ehrengard - The Art of Seduction, Swedish series Snabba Cash, the Swedish thriller Red Dot and the Danish thriller Loving Adults that have been well received by international media and audiences.

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