SF Studios to distribute Little Ghost Laban

15 March 2024

After years of anticipation, Little Ghost Laban (Swedish: Lilla spöket Laban), created by author Inger and illustrator Lasse Sandberg, returns to cinemas in a brand-new animated film premiering in Swedish cinemas in October this year. The film is produced by Art & Bob and distributed by SF Studios in the Nordics. REinvent handles international sales.

Little Ghost Laban is back with new adventures around the castle of Gomorronsol. Laban isn't like other ghosts; he's actually afraid of the dark. Laban wants nothing more than to be scary, but no matter how hard he tries, he only manages to scare himself. In the basement of Gomorronsol Castle, Laban lives with Mom and Dad Ghost and his daring little sister, Labolina, who can mimic all the sounds in the world. Also living in the castle are humans: the King and Queen, Princess Busan who is angry and funny, and Little Prince Bus, who is Laban's very best friend.

Little Ghost Laban is directed by Lasse Persson with a screenplay written by Jan Vierth, Anders Sparring, and Lena Ollmark. The film is produced by Art & Bob in co-production with SF Studios, Slugger Film, and Film in Skåne with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Nordic Film & TV Fond. SF Studios distributes the film in the Nordic region. REinvent handles international sales.