FLX and SF Studios announce the new comedy The Jönsson Gang with stellar cast

27 October 2023

Today, FLX and SF Studios announce the new Swedish feature film The Jönsson Gang (original title: Jönssonligan), which has all the elements of the classic film series about a charming gang of burglars, but is placed in a contemporary context. Eddie Åhgren is directing the film with a stellar cast including Robert Gustafsson, Jonas Karlsson, Anders Jansson and Jennie Silfverhjelm. The film starts shooting in Sweden in November 2023 and will premiere in Swedish cinemas on Christmas 2024. FLX is producing the film and SF Studios is co-producing and distributing the film in the Nordics.

The film is about a gang of four burglars always on the lookout for the next heist. After years on the run, the leader of the pack Sickan reunites with his gang Vanheden, Harry and Doris for the perfect theft. The plan, timed to the smallest detail, is to steal a complete T-Rex skeleton from the Natural History Museum and sell it to the unscrupulous businessman Wall Enberg for SEK 320 million. However, they had not anticipated that the elderly detective Rigmor Gren would appear, obsessed with the idea of ​​bringing the Jönsson Gang to justice before she retires.

The iconic lead role of Charles-Ingvar "Sickan" Jönsson is played by Robert Gustafsson (The 100-Year Old Man Who Stepped Out of the Window and Disappeared), Vanheden is played by Jonas Karlsson (Together 99) and Dynamit-Harry is played by Anders Jansson (JerryMaya's Detective Agency). The role of Doris is played by Jennie Silfverhjelm (A Christmas Tale).

"This is a mission that both honors, tickles and terrifies. It is simply wonderful to bring the most lovable characteristics of these classic characters into the creation of new ones, but still stay true to the very essence of this gang", says Robert Gustafsson, actor.

The cast also includes Lotta Tejle, Thomas Bo Larsen, Johan Rabaeus, David Batra, Arvin Kananian, Felicia Danielsson, Alfred Svensson, and David Ritschard.The film is directed by Eddie Åhgren (Sunny Side, The Bonus Family) and Per Gavatin (Torpederna, Grotesco) has written the screenplay. Producers are Anna Anthony and Rebecka Lafrenz.

"It is both fun and honorable to manage and develop a film treasure like The Jönsson Gang. We want to build on the humor, warmth and mood of the classic films - this should be a film for the whole family," say the producers Rebecka Lafrenz and Anna Anthony.

"It is a great honor to step into the world of the Jönsson gang and to have the opportunity to work with these fantastic actors. In Jönsson's world, it is precisely the characters that are the foundation. We want to find our way back to a feeling and tone sprung from the old films, while the story takes place here and now. This feels both exciting and challenging!", says the director Eddie Åhgren.

The Jönsson Gang will be filmed in Sweden during November and December 2023. The film is produced by FLX in co-production with SF Studios and Tonefilm and with support from the Swedish Film Institute. The executive producers are Karin Grewin Wallqvister, Pontus Edgren and Joshua Mehr. SF Studios also distributes the film in the Nordics.

"Sickan has a plan, a gang and a heist... What more could the Swedish cinema audience wish for Christmas 2024 than that popsicle!", says Yaba Holst, Head of Nordic Acquisition at SF Studios.

The Jönsson Gang will premiere in Swedish cinemas on Christmas 2024.

For more information, please contact: 
Malin Strihagen, Vice President Brand & Communications, SF Studios, +46 70 780 39 35, malin.strihagen@sfstudios.se

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