SF Studios releases trailer and poster for the Christmas feel-good drama Better Times

25 October 2023

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Today SF Studios releases the trailer and poster for its upcoming Danish Christmas feelgood drama Better Times (original title: Bedre Tider) with Lars Brygmann, Ari Alexander and Sebastian and Andreas Jessen in the leading roles. Better Times is both written and directed by Milad Schwartz Avaz, distributed by SF Studios and produced by A Production. The film premieres in Danish cinemas on December 21 followed by an international release.

Better Times is a heartwarming and honest family story about how togetherness can create hope even in difficult times. A feelgood film about daring to let go of the past and live in the present.

When the three brothers Oscar, Karl and Lukas discover by chance that their father's bakery is facing bankruptcy and that their family bakery is threatened with closure, they pull together to save the family legacy and their father's only joy after their mother's death. However, their father – the eternally optimistic Vagn already has a plan. He wants to repeat the success of his youth, but instead of making the world's largest rum ball, he wants to break the record for the world's largest log pastry and earn the money that way. The brothers stand ready to help their father, while inevitably each of them processes the grief of losing their mother half a decade ago…

Watch the trailer here.

Milad Schwartz Avaz has written and directed the film. He took the film industry by storm when he, together with his brothers Mehdi and Misam Avaz, had released the drama While We Live in Danish cinemas in 2017. Two years later he wrote the script for Collision followed by the critically acclaimed TV 2 crime series Alfa, where Milad was behind both the script and direction. Milad is currently filming Amazon's first Nordic series, the star-studded Swedish action series Hell of a date.

Actors and brothers Sebastian Jessen (Alfa, While we live) and Andreas Jessen (Alfa, Something's Rockin') once again play opposite each other in Better Times as lead actors together with Ari Alexander, who plays the third brother. The stellar cast also includes Lars Brygmann, Rasmus Botoft, Casper Phillipson and Johanne Milland.

Better Times is produced by A Production by Misam Avaz and SF Studios distributes the film in the Nordics. REinvent handles international sales.

The film will premiere in Danish cinemas on December 21 followed by an international release.

For more information, please contact:
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