Successful premiere week for The Riot with 100 000 admissions in Norway

23 October 2023

The Norwegian historical drama The Riot (Norwegian title: Sulis 1907), direced by Nils Gaup has had a successful first with at Norwegian cinemas with over a 100 000 admissions since its premiere on October 6. The epic film is about the origins of the labor movement and workers´rights in the mining city Sulis (Sulitjelma) in the early 20th century with Swedish actors Otto Fahlgren and Simon J. Berger in the leading roles. The cast also includes Norwegian actors Alexandra Gjerpen, Mads Sjogård Pettersen, Stig Henrik Hoff and Heidi Ruud Ellingsen. 

The Riot is produced by Storyline NOR with producers Tom Vidar Karlsen, Trond Eliassen, Petter Paulsen and Einar Loftesnesand and is distributed by SF Studios in the Nordics. 

The Riot tells the story of the struggle against oppression in the mining town of Sulitjelma, called Sulis, at the beginning of the 20th century. Konrad (Otto Fahlgren) and the suppressed workers stand together in the revolt against the mining company and its ruthless leader Wennstrøm (Simon J. Berger). The film deals with actual incidents at Norway's second largest workplace, where the mining company had all the power and where the workers struggled under inhuman conditions in the dangerous and dark mines. This was the Wild West of the Nordic countries. One January day in 1907, the workers had had enough of the oppression, slave labor and the brutality of capitalism and with Kata Dalström and Helene Ugland at the head, the workers founded their own trade union. The action in Sulis 1907 unfolds in the violent prelude to this revolt that later created the Scandinavian model and the modern society we see today. It is an important part of history that has never been told on screen before.

Watch the trailer here.