SF Studios announces new biopic about Danish Eurovision legend Tommy Seebach starring Anders Matthesen

17 November 2023

Copyright: Photo credit: Per Arnesen

Today, SF Studios has announced that Anders Matthesen will play the role of Tommy Seebach, one of the greatest personalities in Danish music history, in the new Danish feature film Under the Stars in the Sky (original title: Under stjernerne på himlen). The film is directed by Kasper Gaardsøe with a screenplay by Jannik Tai Mosholt and Stefan Jaworski. Under the Stars in the Sky is produced by Tall and Small and SF Studios is co-producing and distributing the film in the Nordics. The film will premiere in Danish cinemas in February 2025. 

Under the Stars in the Sky is a portrait of one of Danish pop culture's biggest stars, Tommy Seebach, who in 1979, by a stroke of fate, got the opportunity to participate in the Danish Song Grand Prix with the cult hit "Disco Tango". The song became a huge hit in Denmark and gained international recognition when it came sixth in the Eurovision Song Contest. But it is also a family story – a drama about a father who got so far into his addiction that he had to move away from his wife and children, before he finally understood and expressed how much they meant to him.

Tommy Seebach represented Denmark three times in the Eurovision Song Contest and the film takes its original title from his last entry in 1993 – "Under stjernerne på himlen”.

Acclaimed Danish actor, screenwriter, director, musician, and comedian Anders Matthesen will play the lead role as Tommy Seebach.

"Under the Stars in the Sky is both a harsh and touching story about a man who fights fiercely to stay at the top and at the same time maintain a family life. A pressured man who ends up losing himself in the attempt to fulfill both his own and others' expectations", says Anders Matthesen.

"Tommy Seebach's constant yearning for recognition and love for his family almost put each other at odds. We meet Tommy both when he is most inspired and energetic, and when he is at the bottom of his life", says director Kasper Gaardsøe and continues about the choice of Anders Matthesen in the role of Tommy Seebach:

"To portray an iconic and beloved character like Tommy takes great courage! A character that contains both great pain and anxiety mixed with musicality and love for family. A popular entertainer who is actually shy and just prefers to hide in the music. With Anders Matthesen I found Tommy Seebach's very special energy and sensitivity. Anders' completely unique timing and musicality combined with his great empathy for Tommy as a character, make him the perfect fit for the role".

Under the Stars in the Sky is a tribute to a pop artist whose iconic songs have formed the soundtrack to many Danes' lives. It is a story about the fight against abuse, hope, love and a constant urge to succeed with both family and career. A story about a great personality who, in his own and uniquely Danish way, brought together an entire generation. Exactly as his son Rasmus Seebach has become for the next generation in Denmark.

"This is simply a great story that is managed with great passion by a fantastic collection of talent. The Seebach family's support has been vital for this story to meet the big audience and we at SF Studios are proud to take it to the big screen together with Tall and Small", says Yaba Holst, Head of Nordic Acquisition at SF Studios.

It has been crucial for the whole project to have the family’s support for this film about Tommy Seebach. The Seebach family is looking forward to following the making of Under the Stars in the Sky.

Under the Stars in the Sky is produced by Tall and Small with producers Christian Potalivo and Asta Stuhr and SF Studios is co-producing and distributing the film in the Nordics. The film is produced with the support from the Danish Film Institute and FilmFyn and is co-financed by DR.

Under the Stars in the Sky will start shooting in spring 2024 and have its theatrical release in Denmark in February 2025.

About Anders Matthesen
Anders Matthesen is an actor, screenwriter, director, musician, and comedian. He had his first major leading role in the critically acclaimed drama Pure hearts (2006) and made his directorial debut with the comedy What Goes Around (2009), which he both wrote and played the lead role in. In 2019, he starred in the critically acclaimed comedy drama Out of Tune, which secured him both a Bodil and Robert nomination, and two years later he starred in Martin Zandvliet's thriller The Marco Effect. Later that year, he achieved an impressive 1 million tickets sold with his own Checkered Ninja 2, which now - together with Checkered Ninja - are the two highest grossing feature films in Denmark in recent times.

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SF Studios is one of the world’s oldest film companies and is celebrating 100 years in 2019. Today SF Studios is the leading film studio in the Nordic region with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and offices in Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. The company is producing and distributing feature films and TV series as well as providing the streaming service SF Anytime. SF Studios is part of the leading Nordic media company Bonnier.

About Tall and Small
Tall and Small is a Danish production company and was founded in May 2020 by screenwriter Jannik Tai Mosholt and producer Christian Potalivo. Tall and Small focuses on feature films and TV series, including co-productions both nationally and internationally. In January 2023, Tall and Small entered into a partnership with Nimbus Film, which bought into the company.